Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Growing up

I remember my mother getting dressed to go shopping. She would slide on her girdle, then her stockings. I loved to watch her fasten the garter straps to them. Then she put on her bra, making sure her breasts were sitting in them just right. From there it was make up and hair and finally a skirt and blouse and always heels. Quite often she would wear a tight sweater if she was going out with Dad. He really liked it when she showed curves. I matured early and had boobs by the fourth grade. Mom and I went shopping for the same kind of under things she wore. I had several full coverage bras and girdles. The first time I put one on, I felt so grown up. Of course, I only wore the bra to school and then under a heavy top so it didn’t show. As I grew I got different bras and added garter belts to my collection. I also discovered my mom’s vibrator and what can I say. I lost my virginity to a piece of plastic. But it felt good. As skirts got shorter, I needed shorter straps. Mom wouldn’t let me go with pantyhose. I found out that open bottom girdles with really short straps let me wear stockings and still wear short skirts. I discovered how much fun it was to tease with one by flashing guys. All you had to do was make eye contact then cross your legs. Of course, guys only put up with teasing so long and then expect you to put out. I found my dad’s stash of men’s magazines and saw some of the models had shaved pubes. That intrigued me so I tried it. It took a few tries before I got it right but I discovered that I could wear bikinis without worrying if I had any hair showing. By now, sheer bras with open front one clasps were the rage. Very convenient! Almost all of my friends had let their boyfriends get to “second base” by allowing them to unfasten their bras and play with their boobs. I had a couple of blouses that were open in the back except for a band of material that hid my bra. Most of them had only one big button. Wearing those on a date gave tacit permission to touch. I loved being touched and soon discovered that I really liked it when my bra was opened and the guy was playing with or sucking my nipples. An open bottom girdle or garter belt was convenient for letting him put his hand up my skirt or “third base” as it were. During my period I could wear a regular panty girdle. And it wasn’t far from there to the back seat. Mom knew I would be sexually active and took me to planned parent hood. Even though I was on the pill, she still warned me that condoms were still a good idea. Planned parent hood taught me everything I would need to know about having sex. I had a nurse who was very liberal in her thinking and taught me about many positions and turned me on to the idea of lots of lube. She was a life saver. She also taught me about oral sex, so of course, I was anxious to try it.  I had already tried it with an older cousin at a family reunion. I was wearing really short shorts and a tight top so my boobs showed. He told me I was really sexy and asked if I had ever given head. I asked him what it was. We went into the bathroom and he took out his cock and told me suck it. It was the first time I had tasted cum.  She warned me about cum and that I should swallow it. I told her about my experience and she told me I if I wanted to taste it let it come in the front of my mouth and if not, then let him shoot down my throat.  I have since come to like the taste very much. Needless to say, I became pretty popular at parties. Not only would I suck but I would fuck. I always had dates for the weekend. Luckily Mom let me date pretty young. Bob, Ted, Carol and Alice was a movie about first time swingers. After my folks saw it, they had a hot tub installed. I can remember going to bed and hearing lots of giggling and then moans of pleasure. I would sometimes sneak a peak from their window and watch them playing.  I had never considered my mom as being especially interested in sex. Wow, was that a life changing event. It was a real turn on watching some other guy have sex with her or to see Dad having sex with someone else. Dad started encouraging Mom to dress a little sexier and neither of them disagreed when I told Mom I wanted some open back blouses and sheer bras. In fact, I was encouraged to wear the tiniest bikinis Mom could find. Neither of them ever touched me or suggested sex but I knew Dad looked at me and encouraged Mom to buy me the most revealing clothes in the stores. I hope to expand upon my experiences growing up and how that has affected me today. I am married to wonderful man who loves me greatly. Our sex life is out of this world, too. He encourages me to buy and wear revealing clothing. We enjoy public sex and are always looking for new places to enjoy it.